Yin focuses on a release of deep connective tissues and fascia. You’ll cultivate awareness, breath and meditation as you surrender into Yin postures for three to seven minutes, opening internal pathways to allow your natural, vital energy and fluids to travel freely, bringing relief and nourishment to your joints, nerves, tissues, organs, etc., for a deeper overall practice with more awareness.

Yin Yoga is a balanced yoga practice for most people, and is especially beneficial for those with an abundance of active or “yang” energy, athletes whose joints tend to get crowded by muscle, anyone who needs to develop mindfulness, such as those with eating disorders, addictions or anxiety, and beginners to yoga and meditation.

Make Yin Yoga part of your regular practice and you may experience calm, balanced and centered energy, less stress and anxiety, greater stamina, more flexibility in joints and connective tissue, release of fascia throughout the body, fewer migraines, deep relaxation, the surfacing of neglected issues, more ease when sitting for meditation, and a better, more balanced overall yoga practice.