About True North Yoga

At True North Yoga, you will find a selection of yoga classes and styles with several local yoga teachers. You will also enjoy a variety of yoga workshops, wellness offerings, and monthly community events. True North Yoga’s mission is to reflect the resilient, healing spirit of the Adirondacks in a peaceful space for yoga, holistic practices, and community connection. We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere where any individual, regardless of physical condition or circumstances, can participate in empowering and transformational Hatha yoga classes and wellness practices to nurture a healthy body, calm mind, and peaceful spirit. When you unroll your yoga mat at True North Yoga, you become part of a diverse and supportive Adirondack community.

The True North Yoga studio in Schroon Lake fulfilled a dream for founder and owner Debbie Philp. The studio opened in 2009 in the basement of Schroon Lake’s Community Church with a variety of yoga classes for the town’s local and seasonal population. In 2011, the yoga studio outgrew its original space and moved into the current location on Main Street in Schroon Lake.

In 2017, True North Yoga grew into two locations with the addition of the former Benchmark Studio on Route 73 in Keene Valley. The second studio space was an opportunity to expand our mission and bring yoga and other wellness services to even more Adirondack residents and visitors.

When you take a yoga class or yoga workshop in our space, you will find it infused with the nurturing and healing energies of the Adirondack mountains and our dedicated, caring yoga teachers. Through our partners in wellness, you can also access massage, energy healing, coaching, aromatherapy, and other supportive practices at our studios.

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