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Welcome to True North Yoga

It is the mission of True North Yoga to provide a welcoming atmosphere where any individual, regardless of physical condition or circumstances, can participate in empowering and transformational Hatha yoga classes and wellness practices to nurture a health body, calm mind, and peaceful spirit.

True North Yoga in the Adirondacks offers daily yoga classes, including yoga and meditation, yoga for beginners, gentle yoga classes, yoga for seniors, and yoga workshops. Our Saturday free yoga classes are our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the community!


Upcoming Workshops & Events

  • Goddess Circle: Mourning Moon Sunday, November 6 at 7 PM

    November is marked by dying vegetation, waning daylight, and the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). In our circle we’ll honor those who have passed, make offerings to the ancestors, and play with salt dough to make Samhain Skulls for our altars.

    This open monthly circle provides a safe, sacred space for women to discuss spiritual and healing issues, to practice earth-centered meditations and rituals, and to explore the teachings of nature-based traditions. By sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas within the framework of ritual, we inspire and support each woman’s individual spiritual journey.

    Together we celebrate the circle of the seasons and the moon’s cycle, honor the divine feminine within ourselves and others, and learn to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

    There is no charge to participate. A small donation ($5 or less) will help to cover the cost of ritual supplies. Seasonal gifts from nature (flowers, leaves and the like) or sweet treats to share are welcome additions to our altar.

  • Gong Immersion and Sound Meditation Saturday, November 12 at 7 PM

    During the Gong Immersion and Sound Meditation, you will experience the sacred healing sounds of gongs and singing bowls which will bathe you with sustained waves of harmonic sound.

    The sounds of the gongs and singing bowls facilitate the movement of energy, and with their ability to induce a spontaneous meditative space and the quieting of mental chatter, the gongs and singing bowls offer an opportunity for increased vitality, healing, expanded awareness and higher consciousness. The experience will show up in the manner in which best serves you, thus supporting your individual process and healing potential.

    The gong immersion creates a clear and safe space for you to engage in your own process. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and your yoga mat, plus any extra blankets that will make you comfortable for an extended Savasana. The blankets and bolsters at the studio will also be available. 

    $20 suggested donation. Pre-registration requested as this will be a popular event.

  • Reiki Share and Healing Circle Thursday, November 17 at 7 PM

    A Reiki share is a chance to join with other energy modality practitioners for meditation and then share in the giving and receiving of healing energy. You might meet together as strangers but, after only two hours, you will have bonded through a mutual exchange and respect for a healing force that is much greater than each individual.

  • Sacred Drumming Circle Saturday, November 19 at 7 PM

    The monthly Sacred Drumming Circle is a fun, family friendly event, where we empower each other in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music. You are invited to share your rhythmical spirit with what ever drums or percussion you bring to the event.

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