Energetics of Yoga Teacher Training at True North YogaMost of the great teachers we have at True North Yoga were part of Debbie’s yoga teacher training program. Debbie has trained 32 Adirondack yoga teachers since her initial 200-hour teacher training in 2012. She prides herself on not only giving trainees a firm foundation in yoga asana and philosophy, but in also giving them a strong connection to the magic of our Adirondack park. Because they can share that connection in their yoga classes, our studio more than just a place to practice yoga. It is truly a reflection of the beauty of the lakes and mountains that our part of our lives. The Energetics of Yoga Teacher Training Foundational program includes eleven weekends between October and March. With time to integrate the practices and teaching skills, you will finish ready to teach your first class.

Interested in a deeper practice or becoming a yoga teacher? Our next 200-hour, foundational training begins in October.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Beginning in 2017, yoga teachers were offered a way to evolve on their mats and in their lives. The Energetics of Yoga Advanced Training program for yoga teachers consists of four “elemental” modules, each taking place over four weekends at our Keene Valley studio. Debbie incorporates shamanic journeys and other experiential practices into the teacher training modules so yoga teachers can awaken and expand personally and professionally.

Elemental Modules

The Earth module focuses on the physical aspects of an asana practice. The program includes a deepening of anatomical awareness, assisting and adjusting asanas, and mapping challenging asanas to introduce them in an accessible and safe way.

The Air module wakes up your inner storyteller. Through discussion of the power of story and learning styles, yoga teachers grow more confident in incorporating story into their classes and workshops. The Air module also includes advanced pranayama and a dive into your personal story. Yoga teachers finish with a completed bio ready for promotional materials.

In the Water module, yoga teachers explore the subtle body in yoga and the joyful practice of Bhakti. During this module you will do lots of chanting! You will gain a deeper understanding of the chakras, the meridians, and energy practices which compliment yoga. After an introduction to Yin Yoga you will be able to incorporate Yin poses into your classes for more variety and to address energetic as well as physical imbalances.

During the Fire module, you will discover your passions. A weekend is devoted to an eye-opening look at the various social and environmental issues that exist around the world and your own core values. You will approach teaching as an expression of your unique inner fire. You will advance your sequencing skills to create magical flows and design transformative workshops and private offerings.

Teacher Training Registration

Each module is offered once a year. Teachers can take any modules of interest in any order. More information, the upcoming dates for each advanced teacher training module, and online registration is available on Debbie’s website. You can also learn more about the six-month, 200-hour Foundational Training program and register for the next session which begins in October. You will also find the dates on our Keene Valley studio calendar.