At True North Yoga, we’ve been bringing you our best offerings of asana (poses) and meditation. Those are only part of the yoga path, however. We are happy to introduce Bhakti Yoga to our studio family and bring you a new way to experience yoga.

Bhakti, which is Sanskirt for intense love or devotion, includes practices like prayer, mantra, and – our favorite! – chanting. Chanting is shared through the practice of Kirtan, during which chants are lead in a call-and-response format. Traditional Kirtan chants repeat names of the Hindu deities in Sanskrit, but many contemporary kirtan artists blend English-language chants and those from other cultures into the Bhatki experience.

Read more about Bhakti practices on Yoga International’s website.

Bhakti at True North Yoga

For the last six months, Beth and Debbie have been developing their own Bhakti prpactices. With their guitars, they have been practicing chants and they are ready to bring Kirtan to the broader community.

On Saturday, February 3rd, as drumming winds down in our Sacred Drumming Circle in the Schroon Lake studio, Beth and Debbie will be offering a “pop-up” community kirtan. We will chant for about 45 minutes and there will be no charge. Look for more of these informal kirtan events in the future in both studio locations.

Bhakti Yoga at the Adirondack Chant FestAdirondack Chant Fest

If you’d like to deepen into the Bhakti practice, block off Saturday, April 7th on your calendar. We are hosting the Adirondack Chat Fest in our Keene Valley studio from 10:00am to 10:00pm. We are bringing together a number of Kirtan artists and sound healers for a full day of chanting, singing bowls, and sound baths. More details and tickets are coming very soon. Watch our home page for event information.