Turn your focus inward during gentle mat stretches, supported restorative poses and conscious breathing exercises and release tightness and tension for deep relaxation.

Restore & Renew is perfect for anyone who is recovering from injury or surgery, just beginning to explore yoga, stressed-out and tensed-up, limited by physical disabilities or lack of balance, suffering from eye issues that contraindicate inversions, or looking for a truly relaxing yoga practice.

During a Restore & Renew practice you will explore slow floor stretches interspersed with restorative postures propped with blankets, bolsters and blocks, and finish with a meditative resting pose. As your shoulders, hips and low back release, you will feel stress and tension melt away. Over time, you will develop awareness and acceptance of your body, breath and thoughts.

Try Restore & Renew for an opportunity to reduce muscle tension and fatigue, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, increase your flexibility, feel grounded and centered, improve digestion, reduce the stress hormone cortisol, boost your immune system, lessen or alleviate chronic pain, quiet your mind, and cultivate patience and peacefulness.